Eskisehir Çorap Ltd. was established in 2009 and operates as the only socks factory in Eskişehir. Eskişehir Çorap Ltd. started exporting since its establishment. It is one of the leading manufacturers numbered with Turkey's largest machinery in its sector. Eskişehir Çorap Ltd. has 30 million pairs annually production capacity within the scope of men's, women's, children and baby socks and produces for many respected brands in Europe. The latest technologies are followed and world trends are observed at every stage of production, presentation and marketing. Our company, focused on customer satisfaction since its establishment; with its quality production and wide product range, it has gained the trust of all its customers and has achieved a steady growth. Eskisehir Çorap Ltd. Turkey's exports to the socks with innovative and entrepreneurial vision are located in major contributions.


Our mission as Eskisehir Çorap Ltd.;

  • To produce products at world standards with total quality understanding, taking into account national and international laws and regulations
  • To increase our brand value and contribute to the national economy with our customer satisfaction oriented service quality.
  • Having environmentally conscious, respectful to the society, conscious and innovative working principles; trying to present the best quality to our customers in the shortest time
  • By ensuring the satisfaction of our employees in our production; to provide a stable production by improving our quality product and service value.


Our vision as Eskisehir Çorap Ltd.;

  • In our facility with integrated and modern technology, by following the rapidly changing technology, by producing healthy, useful, hygienic, long-lasting and superior quality socks in world quality standards, to become a leader in the world market and maintain its leadership by growing.
  • Making the regions we operate in the center of the textile industry
  • To respect people and their values at every stage of production without making language, religion, race, age, gender
  • To protect and help the environment for a more livable environment and a healthy future.


  • Confidence
  • Honesty
  • Customer orientation
  • Employee loyalty
  • Leadership
  • Occupational Health and Safety
  • Sustainbility


Our quality policy as Eskisehir Çorap Ltd.;

  • As a pioneer and leader company, we continue our work with innovative and stable steps.
  • To continue production with the latest socks knitting machines by following the latest innovations and the latest technology in the sector.
  • Working with a focus on customer satisfaction,
  • To produce products in accordance with the expectations of our customers and to produce and deliver the requested product in full and in the best quality at the time promised
  • To teach the expectations and needs of our customers to our employees, to respond quickly to their demands and questions,
  • Catching the desired quality at every stage and first time
  • Within the total quality concept; In line with national and international laws and regulations, and commercial ethics, to maintain our production in an environmentally conscious manner.
  • To provide our employees with a safe, healthy and proper work environment
  • To use supportive systems and procedures to continue as a permanent and reliable company in the textile industry.


As Eskisehir Çorap Ltd.; we are working to meet the needs and expectations of our customers, while performing all our activities, adhering to the principle of sustainability, to use natural resources wisely and to continuously improve our environmental protection performance. We take care to provide the necessary technology and financial resources to reduce our environmental impact and to use energy and water efficiently. Our main goal is to eliminate or minimize the negative effects of production on environmental health by complying with all laws and regulations regarding environmental protection.


As Eskisehir Çorap Ltd.; in order to meet the needs and expectations of our customers, we adopt as a primary business target while minimizing the possible work accidents by creating a safe and healthy working environment while performing our production. Necessary skills and competencies related to occupational health and safety are provided to our entire team working in our factory through information and training programs, and they are provided to increase their personal awareness. We adopt conducting Risk Analysis and achieving acceptable levels of risk with occupational health and safety members, as well as using safe equipment and appropriate technologies.